D.C. Welding Supplies Ltd Announces it’s new Partner – Javac Belgium

We are now sole agents in Ireland for the new generation of Nanomag Diesel Generators, TX Compressors, plus the full range of Javac welders.


The Nanomag 3 phase generator – NM-8500-B:

  • Compact – 720x480x645 and weighing 170kg
  • Unique Technology – 8.5KVA power in compact plant. Nearly perfect sinus with a deviation of up to 2% on the voltage and Hz.
  • Quiet – noise level 72dba at 7metres
  • Economical – One litre agri diesel per hour of operation

Can be used with most power sensitive appliances including Computers and Plasma TV.

The Nanomag ranges in size from 8.5KVA to 37.5KVA

Save Energy – Save Fuel – Save Money


Congratulations to Judge Haulage of Robertstown, Co. Kildare – The proud owners of the first Nanomag 3 Phase Generator sold in Ireland.

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