For cutting steel and stainless steel, also suitable for non-ferrous metals. Does not contain iron, sulphur or chlorine (each 0.1%). Suitable for thin- and thick-walled profiles and solid material.


FreeCut: The Conical Disc. This disc developed by DRONCO (patent pending) is a revolution in its field. The conical form of the disc tapers from the outer edge to the inner edge and gives the disc ideal cutting qualities. No braking effect caused by side friction, no jamming of the disc in the work piece (thus avoiding the dangerous kick-back effect). The cutting only takes place on the face side. The disc is easy to work with: pleasant, quick and safe cutting, good cutting control, no jamming.

Greater safety and precision during use.

  • does not jam during cutting
  • reduces the dangerous „kick-back“ effect
  • less heat generated
  • reduced side friction for unhindered cutting
  • light, power-saving handling using the FreeCut principle
  • less reduction of r.p.m. in the machine – and therefore faster cutting



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