Cockpit Premium

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  • Easily clean all types of interior surfaces
    Compatible with navigation and audio screens – won’t leave streaks or smears
  • Sun-blocking agents keep your interior dash looking its best
  • Keeps dust off for weeks for a long-lasting clean finish
  • Leaves a natural finish so your interior looks like the day it came out of the factory

Cleans and cares for all interior clear and coloured plastic surfaces such as the dash, gauge cluster, navigation
and audio screens, shift knob, arm rests, steering wheel, leatherette (imitation leather including Mercedes MB-
Tex and Tesla Vegan Leather) and finished (coated) leather. Leaves a shine-free, non-slip finish that repels dust.
The mild cleaners remove dust and dirt but won't harm soft touch materials or painted plastic trim surfaces.
Contains sun-blocking agents to maintain the original condition. It leaves a light, fresh citrus scent. Water-based
and silicone-free. For cleaning very dirty surfaces, use Plastic Deep Cleaner.

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Shake well before use. Apply evenly onto dry, clean surface that is out of direct sunlight and cool to the touch. Allow to penetrate surface then wipe off excess with a microfiber cloth. For very dry surfaces, repeat the process to ensure even coverage. After use, turn spray seal to close. Apply as needed. Use only as directed. Please recycle empty container when possible. Store at room temperature.

16.9 oz (500 ml), Lemon 300ml[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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500ml, Lemon 300ml


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