DPF Flush Tool

390.00 ex VAT

DPF FLUSH is designed to use with the XENUM DPF Cleaning Tool. It is a two-step cleaning method for clogged Diesel Particle Filters without the need for disassembly and the high cost of replacing the DPF.



  • Cleans and removes soot and carbon deposits from the porous honeycomb structures present in the DPF
  • Prevent repeated build-up of soot in the particle filter
  • Non-flammable, water-based liquid
  • Metal-free cleaning liquid that leaves no residue
  • Restores proper functionality of the Diesel Particle Filter
  • Improves engine & DPF reliability


  • Use as problem-solving treatment when the DPF is clogged
  • For all types of diesel engines with Diesel Particle Filter and catalytic converter


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