FFP2 MASK – 23285

Protections against solid aerosols and liquids with low toxicities. Protect, by example, against calcium carbonate, kzaolin, cement, cellulose, sulfur, cotton, flour, coal, metals ferrous, vegetable oils, wood, fiberglass, plastic, quartz, copper, aluminum, bacteria, mushrooms, and the bacillus of tuberculosis.



FFP2 NR SL VO: Protection against organic vapors such as: paints, pesticides, welding, ketones, hydrocarbons and bad smells.

FFP2 NR SL VO-GA: Protection against organic vapors and acid gases such as: paints, pesticides, welding ketones, hydrocarbons and also in the electronics industry (batteries), mining industry, hydrogen sulphide, sulfur oxide, nitrogen and against bad smells.


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