I-FLUX 200 – 4 Way Flux Machine

2,750.00 ex VAT

Professional unit for cleaning the entire intake system of diesel engines intensively, including the intake manifold, EGR valve and swirl valves. The powerful cleaner will dissolve gum, lacquer, tar, carbon and other deposits. We recommend to dismantle and manually clean the intake system prior to first use if intake system is exceptionally dirty.




• Detonation-safe
• Increases power
• Improves fuel economy
• Improves combustion
• Makes engine run smoother
• Improves engine reliability
• Reduces toxic emissions and smoke
• Safe for use in cars with Diesel Particle Filter


We recommend treatment at each regular service or if obvious symptoms of intake problems are observed. Carefully read the user manual of the Xenum I-FLUX unit and follow the instructions in the manual when operating the unit. Use with all types of diesel engines including the latest generation equipped with DPF and catalytic converter.


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