Kill Plus Anti Viral & Anti Bacterial

KILL PLUS- Anti-Virus Sanitizing spray for quick hand hygieneNo need to use water. Kill Plus Anti-Virus is the scientific answer for protection and hygiene.

  • Comes in 100ml Spray and 300ml
  • Protects Against Allergies & Irritation
  • Glycerin Skin Kind Protection
  • Anti Viral Tested to EN 14476
  • Anti Bacterial Tested to EN 12054
  • Fungicidal Tested to EN 1650
  • Hygienic Efficacy Tested to EN 1500

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In response to your requests for this article, we wish to clarify all your doubts:
Our product KILL PLUS, thanks to the action of glycerin, is a moisturizing and protective skin lotion. It also carries out an anti-viricidal and bactericidal action, thanks to the addition of didecyldimethylammonium
chloride and benzalkonium chloride, a mixture of quaternary ammonium salts with an antimicrobial action, often used also in health care for the therapy of certain forms of infection and for the production of detergents
suitable for the disinfection of environments and medical instruments. Kill Plus anti-virus does not contain alcohol by company design choice, as alcohol may be allergenic and/or irritating after long-term use.

In answering one of the questions we have received, we confirm that, being mixtures, it is not possible to specify the percentage of chloride contained but the effectiveness of the product is verified by the tests carried out at the MICROBIOLOGY DEPARTMENT OF THE UNIVERSITY OF FERRARA, which certify its sanitizing action according to the EU law, as specified in the following regulations:

Kill Plus Anti-Virus is the scientific answer for protection and hygiene.

  • EN 12054: evaluation of bactericidal activity
  • EN 1500-2000: evaluation of the hygienic hand care of the product;
  • EN 14476-2007: virucidal quantitative test for chemical disinfectants and anti-septics;
  • EN 1650-2008: quantitative test for the evaluation of fungicidal activity of chemical disinfectants and

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