Q-Bond Mini Kit

16.00 ex VAT

Ultra Strong Adhesive & Filling Powder



Q-Bond represents the latest technological advancement in adhesives for the repair of almost all types of materials.

Q-Bond consists of a two-component system –adhesive plus filling and reinforcing powders– that, when combined, have unique and insurmountable adhesive, filling and reinforcing capabilities, repairing broken parts, holes, fissures very fast and economically. The treated surfaces may be, if necessary, sanded and painted.

Applications: Vehicles (plastic parts, radiators, bumpers, grids, headlights, dashboards, rear-view mirrors, mouldings, etc. – and engine – caps, water pumps, fuel tanks, etc.), motorcycles, nautical, electric equipment, household appliances, pipes, workshop equipment, DIY, tools, metal industry, all types of machinery, moulds, pool equipment, etc.

Use the black particles in:

  • All types of plastic (except PE).
  • Rubber.
  • Carbon fibre.
  • Composite materials.
  • Fibre glass.
  • Wood.

Use the grey particles in:

  • All kinds of materials and alloys (except stainless steel).
  • Grey colour plastics (except PE).



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