Restop 350ml

13.00 ex VAT

Multifunctional cooling system treatment.



Restop is a hi-tech product designed to provide Triple-Action servicing of the engine cooling system:

  • Small leak repair
  • Water pump lubrication
  • Keeping the system clean and protected


  • Easy to use – no disassembly needed
  • Improves reliability of the cooling system
  • Avoid clogging of radiator conduits and temperature sensors
  • Resistant to high temperatures, vibrations and pressure
  • Safe for rubber hoses, gaskets and other system components
  • Prevents build-up of calcium deposits
  • Protects cooling system against corrosion and oxidation


Recommended for all diesel and petrol engines with water-cooled systems. Compatible with all anti-freezes and coolants. Also compatible with OAT coolants (Organic Acid Technology).



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